Meet The Human Darts

Mr. Zelk, Larry Upton, Zed Maestro, Dr. Steve Edelson, Gary Franklin with special guests occasionally sitting-in including Shane Close.

But where did The Human Darts begin?

In the early years, a record was released by a band called The Human Darts. One of the interesting things about this, was there was no band. Three friends released the record and went about their own musical careers.

The single turned into an punk underground ‘gotta have it’ record.  What followed was the start of the band, with different members pounding out the simple sonic signature of the record. Dart bands in various forms toured the country, from the Midwest to California, and back.

One of the original producers- a rather strange character by the name of Mr. Zelk, who had participated on and off, due to what some consider an odd obsession with toys, UFOs and  pets- suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, resurfaced.


Dragging his toys and animals into the studio, Mr. Zelk tracked down the son of an original member in Shane Close, and original guitarist, John Arduser, who he found hitting wiffle balls over his house in St. Pete . Fl.

The EP, Explicit Thoughts, was birthed and the sound was well….. all Human Darts.

From the matter of fact  “Tell My Sister”, to the Darted version of “Hey Good Lookin’”- you do not have to be the late Stephen Hawking to understand the messages.

Once again, the members separate as the record heads to various points around the globe- including Japan, where the original song found it’s way.

But the story isn’t over! Mr. Zelk, liking the fact that new sounds had been heard from deep space, decided to jump right back in the studio with the goal of preparing a welcome record, for those who may be on the other end of those sounds.

Animals, toys, and The Human Darts are apparently on a new mission; And what better music ambassadors to visitors from space, than the Human Darts and Mr. Zelk?

… On second thought…  just enjoy the music.