Explicit Thoughts


Tell My Sister

Tell my sister, she can’t wear the dress.
Tell my sister, know why her hair’s a mess.
Tell my sister, she can stay out late.
Tell my sister, I know you’re her date.
Go out and have some fun…
Go out and stay out late…
But just remember, son…
I have a really big gun!

Tell my sister, it’s gonna be a great show.
Tell my sister, I think you both should go.
Tell my sister, that you know when to stop.
So tell my sister, that I care a lot.
Tell my sister, that it’s time to go.
Tell my sister, you gotta leave the show.
Tell my sister, there’s no time for bed.
Tell my sister, that you could lose your head.


Zombie Man Chant

Runnin’ ‘cross the freeway jumpin’ chasis
When I can, but if they ever catch me
I’ll be a different kind of man.
Well, I’m jumpin’ and I’m thumpin’
And I’m runnin’ just as fast as I can
‘Cause the day that they catch me
We’ll sing the zombie man chant.

Never been good lookin’ but
I look a lot better than them…
If you want to help me,   A shotgun you should send.
I may look a little vacant, I may even stink,
Honey don’t want your body just the
The thing you use to think.
I’m walkin’ ‘sorta talkin’
I’m shufflin’ just as fast as I can.
But on the day that they caught me
Started singing the zombie man chant.
You don’t want to like me or be my facebook friend
‘Cause if you see me comin’ you know this is the end.
Zombie man chant (with zombies)!


Hey, Good Lookin’
Cole Porter

Hey good lookin’… what’s you got cookin’
How’s about cookin’ somethin’ up with me?
Hey sweet baby, don’t you think maybe
We could find us a brand new recipe?
Gotta hot-rod Ford and a two dollar bill.
I know a spot right over the hill.
The soda pop and the dancing is free.
Want to have some fun, come along with me.

Hey, good lookin’…what’s you got cookin’
how’s about cookin’ somethin’ up with me?
I’m free and I’m ready, so we can go steady.
How’s about savin’ all your time for me?
No more lookin’…. I know I’ve been lookin’
How’s about keepin’ steady company?
Gonna throw my date book over the fence.
Buy me one for five or ten cents.
Keep it ’til it’s covered with age.
I’m writin’ down your name on every page.

Hey good lookin’… what’s you go t cookin’?
How about cookin’ somethin’ up with me?



You’ve got stitches, how’d they come to stay?
Stitches, why don’t you want to say?
You’ve got problems and troubles
Like you wouldn’t believe,
issues and things of which you cannot conceive,
Scratch those stitches
Even though they won’t go away.
Pick those stitches and listen to me as I say,
Stitches you could not get out of the way
Stitches is all that you had to say.
Stitches, you’re marked for the rest of your life
Stitches though there was never a knife.
You’ve got stitches, you fought but you cannot win.
Stitches, keep fighting to the very end.
Riches, they’re bound to come your way.
Ditches don’t end up here today.

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