Welcoming a new Dart and not welcoming a pandemic.

                                      Welcoming a new Dart and not welcoming a pandemic.

First I would like to welcome Keith Odom/K2 to the Human Darts family. A screaming wonderful guitar player and songwriter K2 adds a new dimension to the Darts sound. I say family because it is. Anyone who has participated in our continued adventure is a part and parcel to the fun and strangeness. Whether it’s as a player,engineer,makeup or animal handler your a part and no you can’t disavow any knowledge of this.

Now to this fracking pandemic. First and foremost please stay safe and be considerate of others. Like most folks were all trying to keep our sanity while still inching forward in life somehow. The Darts are now individually keeping up our chops with writing and other projects. When it’s time we will all rejoin again and continue the chaos. Until then do your best to enjoy life in this strange time.

The Human Darts welcome you to 2020

Hope everyone had a good 2019. The Darts are looking forward to an exciting 2020. New shows, songs, merchandise, videos an much more. We would like to thank everyone who keeps in touch and enjoys the fun the Human Darts like to display. Let the good times continue.


Sing The Zombie Man Chant And Share Explicit Thoughts with The Human Darts

by Joshua (J.Smo) Smotherman

I don’t know what it is about the water in Florida but I’ve found myself jammin’ out pretty damn hard to a sonic adventure that calls themselves The Human Darts and their new album Explicit Thoughts.

HD LP Explicit Thoughts 1300x1300
I can’t help but think  these guys are one of the top Florida garage rockers.

Just before Zombie Man Chant (LOVE the organ) took over my being, forcing me into an unstoppable shuffle, I was asking myself “why am I still up listening to music submissions?!”

Because every so often I come across an album so raw, so full of greatness, so under appreciated by the masses that it shocks me back to my center; remembering the very essence of creativity that makes music and art so worthwhile.

The Human Darts have a really great story behind their formation. You can read it here.

This punked out rockabilly adventure is the icing on this cake that has been my long day.

After the late night 3 hour meeting I just left, this 4 song jar of awesomesauce just kicked my energy back to full steam ahead.
Who cares that I’ve got to wake up in a few hours, feed the kids, get them to school and then get back to it. You can’t stop listening when the tunes rock so hard you can’t help but grab your favorite air instrument of choice and join the jam session.

I’m pretty sure I can count on The Human Darts to give me another boost of energy when I’ll need it tomorrow.

Well…that and a couple strong cups of coffee!

Stream the goodness on Soundcloud.