The Wrecked Crew

MEET THE Wrecked Crew

            In memory of a good friend and supporter of local in music Toledo,Pat O’Connor.

The assemblage of singers, players, animal wranglers, engineers, costume designers, and all manner of folk, who bring forth the Darts are such a special breed. Behold the scary awesomeness of the Darts’ ever-changing wrecked crew…

We welcome the newest participants to Dartworld. Bruce Rittenhouse Sr. Drums, Tom trumpet,Jody guitar, drums and engineering excellence, Jennette vocals and sanity,Mike mandolin,Tracy vocals and Bob on tuba. We’ll have more info on all these great folks as I move along.

The Dartdom universe welcomes Ms. Kat Markett. Kat a Merrit Island FL escapee has been singing since prebirth. Her outstanding vocal talents have graced both the theater and studio. Her work on the 2018 release “Eclectic Shock” album is inspiring.

Guitarist Steve “Uncle Dirt” Deady- Veteran player from the foggy bottom neighborhood of Washington, D.C.,  whose playing is the backbone of many Darts songs- including songs on the soon to be released, “ Welcome to the Basement Tapes”.

Larry “The Professor” Upton, from sunny San Diego, CA- Larry was lured into the odd world of the Darts, and are we happy! His bass playing and interpretation of unique requests make the projects pump- all the while writing big band horn charts.

Mark Van Winkle, of Toledo, OH- talented singer and performer, whose dedication to live Rock n’ Roll is matched only by his business acumen.

Jeff Knauff, from Palm Beach, FL- Engineer and keyboards, all at once! While seeing some different types of projects in his day, it was clear that Jeff fit right into the HD world, which, I’m sure, has no doubt scared his lovely bride. Jeff’s keyboard work and great ears (which he does not use on the keyboard… very often), brings a sweet sound to the raucous Dart world.

John Flowers, from Bainbridge, GA- has that ability as a guitarist to adapt his style, giving Dart songs another edge on which you can musically impale yourself. It’s perfect!

Backup singers and chaos creators include:

Patricia Naegle from Boulder City, NV; Becky Deady, from Shelby, OH; Zack Close, from Tampa, FL (the single note piano master); Photog Shannon Stafford; Animal wrangler, Haden Stafford; Video Art Dryce, video studio king, who, along with Music Trivia wiz, Tom Sipos, keep our minds as sharp as they are (which is very difficult); and Dori Jones, who serves as both website queen and careful interpreter of Mr. Zelk’s social media vision.

These wonderful people, and all the HD fans, make our part of the universe an incredibly cool place.