Your Host


Once Upon a…


The Darts and Mr. Zelk. What can one say about them?

A tad bizarre…

Stylish in a “not-really-stylish-at-all” sort of way…


or it that, has ridden a train?

Regardless, the lovable, if not certifiable, Mr. Zelk, and the rest of the Darts have landed once again!

At one time, Mr. Z. thought he was from another planet- then realized he might just be a little off. It could be that guitarist K2 informed him it was not just a little, or it could be that pesky restraining order involving inflatable monkeys, but luckily for us, he has embraced being different.

While studying tulips in Toledo Ohio, he discovered music, and participated in the creation of The Human Darts, until cosmic forces and shiny objects distracted him.

Now along with Professor Larry, Zed, K2, and Gary the Jester, Zelk has come back to Earth (as a change of pace)!

Pets and toys in hand, he has found his way back into the studio, and the Darts have blossomed once again. Just like the tulips.

The Darts having left a musical debris trail from Ohio to California, Nevada to Florida   now plan a new chaotic musical  journey that could bring them TO…..wait for it……wait for it….YOUR LIVING ROOM. See you soon.